BSC Address:

BSC Address:
Afrostar is the united digital currency of Africa

It aims to be THE digital currency that is trusted and used across the continent, and a top crypto currency worldwide. The Afrostar ecosystem will provide a range of powerful real world use cases for the Afrostar crypto token.

Afrostar - Marketing

Key Project Facts


$500,000+ spent on marketing for launch (with follow on $multi-million campaign planned and ready)


500,000+ existing clients of Afrostar team members as potential Afrostar investors


Huge offline marketing campaigns already booked (billboards, newspapers, buses, underground, radio)


World class team running the project


Massive worldwide PR booked and paid for


World’s top crypto influencers onboard promoting the project


Extensive marketing both online crypto and mass media


Highly experienced tech team who have done successful crypto launches


One of the hottest sectors within crypto

Why invest in the Afrostar crypto token

There are many reasons why we think Afrostar will be a huge success. We welcome investors large and small to be part of this project and join us in making a positive real world change through crypto technologies.

How to buy Afrostar


Download the application from TRUSTWALLET.COM

This app sets the standard for holding crypto currencies in the DeFi market

Alternatively, download MetaMask (web browser extension) and add Binance Smart Chain to your network list. Step by Step Tutorial


Download the App & purchase BNB

Transfer BNB to TrustWallet and swap BNB into Smart Chain BNB (BSC)

Smart Chain BNB (BSC) will be used to exchange to Afrostar



(only required for iPhones)

Go to PANCAKESWAP.FINANCE on your iPhone web browser. Click the ‘Connect Wallet’ button
(top right of the page)

Select Trust Wallet, then the ‘Trust’ icon on next screen. This opens the TrustWallet app

Select ‘Connect’ in TrustWallet app



On Pancake Swap select ‘Exchange’ from the left side menu

Select ‘From’ BNB & ‘To’ enter the Afrostar BSC Contract Address



Online Tools and Dapps

The Afrostar ecosystem is a suite of online tools and DApps for crypto investors, powered by the Afrostar token.

It includes the Afrostar crypto currency trading exchange, P2P exchange, copy trading platform & community, along with the NFT platform.


Extra Demand

The more people who use the ecosystem, the more fees and commissions that will be generated. These fees will be used to buy Afrostar tokens creating extra buying demand.

Some of these tokens will be given to the ecosystem users and some used for further development.

Boost Price

This extra buying demand can help boost the Afrostar token price higher. Plus due to the static rewards system, Afrostar token holders will receive extra tokens for every transaction that anyone carries out in the ecosystem.

Afrostar Ecosystem

Powerful crypto trading tools powered by the Afrostar token

Afrostar coin - rotating
Afrostar Ecosystem


Phase 1 will see the launch of the Afrostar token.

This offers everyone an early stage investment opportunity and will raise awareness of the project across Africa and the world.

Afrostar - Ecosystem Phase 1
Afrostar - Ecosystem Phase 2


Phase 2 will introduce the Afrostar coin and blockchain.

The coin, which will be offered to token holders as a priority, will provide an efficient, easy and secure way of receiving and making payments across the African continent via the P2P Afrostar exchange.


Phase 3 will introduce the Afrostar crypto currency trading exchange, copy trading platform and community, along with NFT platform.

The whole Afrostar ecosystem is designed to be a one stop solution for crypto investors’ needs’, whilst also rewarding Afrostar Token holders.

There is an African focus, but the platforms and tools will be equally useful to crypto investors worldwide.

Afrostar - Ecosystem Phase 3

The App

Afrostar - copy trading app

Copy Trading App

The founders are using their 20 years experience in the investment industry to development a powerful, user friendly one stop crypto trading app. People will be able to buy and sell crypto and also have the choice to auto copy the trades of other people. A range of simple but powerful filters and statistics will give users the ability to select traders that match their criteria.

App Development

The copy trading app development has already started and will be a part of the Afrostar ecosystem, with the initial work being funded by the founders.

People worldwide will be able to use the app which will be powered by the Afrostar token. The more people who use the app, the higher the number of transactions and the bigger the buying demand for the Afrostar token.


We have deliberately tried to be conservative with our roadmap timeline and are actually aiming to have the app launched in 2022.

The beta version will be released earlier to a small test group. We have a very strong, talented tech team and have already made good progress.



The filters for selecting which crypto traders to copy, will have a time period selection, a star rating system based on a proprietary algorithm, and a range of selection criteria.

The criteria will including their overall percentage returns, % of winning trades, number of trades, number of people copying their trades, average position size, length of time they have been a copy trader and investment strategy type.


There will be various user membership levels. Entry level will be free. Higher levels will offer more powerful tools and analysis and will be purchased using the Afrostar token. Also transaction fees will be made using Afrostar and copy traders will be paid their commission in Afrostar tokens.

Afrostar - copy trading app account
Afrostar - copy trading app filters





The transaction fees are designed to benefit the whole project which in turn should ultimately benefit Afrostar investors.

On each Afrostar buy or sell transaction there is a fee taken as follows…

Afrostar Tokenomics
Afrostar - buy back fund
Buy Back

In the stock market companies sometimes buy back stock when they think the company may be undervalued.

This can help boost the stock price and also give confidence to investors, resulting in more buying and a further boost to the price.

Afrostar has an inbuilt buy back fund which will be used to help support the token price as and when needed.

Afrostar tokens will be bought from the liquidity pool and burnt. The additional buying helps increase the price and the burn reduces the supply making the token deflationary and gives the price a further boost.


Afrostar - Marketing and Development
Marketing & Development

Two of the most important factors for the success of a project are: development so you have a great real world use product and marketing so that lots of people know about it.

A lot of projects fall short by simply running out of budget.

Afrostar tokenomics mean that for every transaction the marketing and development budget is growing instead of reducing like it does in many other projects.

Combining this dynamic with Afrostar’s world class marketing and development team sets a very strong foundation for success.


Afrostar - Holders Rewards

Afrostar is designed to reward investors who hold their tokens.

For every buy or sell transaction that anyone does, token holders will receive more tokens based on the number they already hold.

This helps reduce selling pressure. It also enables holders to earn a passive ‘income’ with every transaction increasing the quantity of their tokens.

We believe in the long term success of this project and want to reward investors who also see the huge potential, rather than just a quick profit opportunity.


Safety Steps Taken To Protect Investors

LP Locked

The Liquidity Pool is locked, which mean it can’t be rug pulled, thereby protecting investors

Toxic Whale Tax

This progressive smart tax helps protect against sudden price drops and aims to reduce price volatility

Bot Killer Smart Code

Our bot killer code helps protect against trading bots that try to manipulate crypto prices

Buy Back Fund

This is used to help support the token price as and when needed. It will also boost investor confidence

Auto LP Generated

The auto LP can help create a price floor for the token and also helps make the price more stable

Multi Signature Wallet

To provide extra security, a minimum of 3 signatures are required to unlock the Business Angels wallet

Token Distribution

The token supply distribution has been strategically planned to optimize the success of the project and in turn benefit our investors. The token is built on the Binance Smart Chain and the total token supply is 1 quadrillion. We have already successfully passed our TechRate audit.



Time Line

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